Sustainable Swimwear

Slow fashion brand made from recycled materials
Designed & made in Barcelona by Aya Boscan

Direction & Photography: Débora Rodam
Designer: Aya Boscan
Model: Rocio Rojas Moreno

The Voodoo Children's Club

Voted the 'Best Club Night' in Barcelona by Timeout Magazine

The Voodoo Children's Club curated by Wekaforé

Styling: Débora Rodam
Photo: Sol Bela

Pararemos Todo

Ser Mujer en Lationamérica - Identidad

10 pósters para alzar la voz en el paro de mujeres el próximo 9 de marzo

Direction & Concept : Débora Rodam
Photography: Sol Bela
Typography: Álvaro Franca
Stylist Assistant: Jenny Tran
MUA: Catalina

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Inside The Wekaforé Universe  

Afro-primitive-futuristic functional-disco activewear

Set Designer: Débora Rodríguez
Styling: Rebeca Sueiro
Photo: Viri Morandi

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My Barrio

Mi Casa es Tu Casa 

A common saying to invite someone into your house and allow them to make themselves at home

Art Direction & Costume Designer: Débora Rodríguez                                          Photo: Silvia  Gil-Roldán 

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Hair Stories

A Celebration of Black
Women's Versatility

"The world would be very boring
if we were all the same."

Costume Designer: Débora Rodríguez  / Photo: Sol Bela

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"We are not fashion, we are culture."

A Rebel With
A Cause


Cause //

a principle, aim, or movement to which one
is committed and which one is prepared to
defend or advocate. 

Costume Designer: Débora Rodríguez  /  Photo: Sol Bela

What is your
favorite color?

Live In the Present

What’s your favorite color?
It’s you
I would have never known unless
I saw the light meet your face that morning.

Neither of us are early risers,
but i couldn’t waste a second.

Your color was serene.
It was the light’s reflection of a summer
enveloped by two people
in love with right now

Costume Designer: Débora Rodríguez  /  Photo: Sol Bela


Welcome to the
African Disco

Derived from the word 'Bourgeoisie' or 'Bourgeois'
refers to a non-western man or woman who has been forced to adopt European civility into his or her lifestyle.

In the spirit of Bushwazee, we invite you to put on
your most extravagant clothes, a high chin and dancing shoes and come to the African disco.

Costume Designer: Débora Rodríguez  /  Photo: Sol Bela